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Company Introduction

Kyung Won Hydraulic Machinery was founded as Kyung Won Machinery in 1977, since then it has been specializing in extrusion blow molding machines.

With fast-paced economic growth in 1980’s and 1990’s, Kyung Won Hydraulic Machinery developed high-speed blow molding machine in October of 1987. It also developed striped blow molding machine, multi-layer blow molding machine, etc. The company’s consistent R&D successfully developed 5 multi-layer stripe 2 head molding machine and contributed to Korean blow molding machine industry. Kyung Won Hydraulic Machinery is also recognized as an important partner of global companies, plastics, chemical, food, pharmaceutical industries and in various industries across for the product development. To be recognized as a global company, Kyung Won Hydraulic Machinery attends international trade exhibition such as IPF Japan, K show, NPE USA, Chinaplas, etc.

Business strategy

Kyung Won Hydraulics Machinery’s business strategy is tol
fulfilcustomers’ satisfaction with customer oriented
mind, spirit of pioneering and collaboration.
The growth
of Kyung WonHy-draulic Machinery is the growth of the
customers; the growth of customers provides opportunities
to Kyung Won Hydraulic Machinery. To fulfill the various
needs of human, Kyung Won Hydraulic Machinery will
grow and cease the opportunity to become the best global
technology leader.


The vision of the Kyung Won Hydraulic Machinery is to become the global technology leader even with so many competitors. Unique technology based on accumulated expertise will create the values for the customers.

To become a technology leader
in an infinitely competitive market
kyung won
Specialty Blow Molding Machine Manufacturer
Differentiated State of the Art Technology
Know-How from Long Experience
Value Creation for Customers